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In the future development of stone machinery, the intelligent processing mode of the stone industry

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  From the reform and opening up to the present, in the past few decades, China’s entire economy and technology have been rapidly developed and improved. It is precisely because of the development of science and technology that many companies have carried out internal phenomena. The reform, from the previous manual operation to the current computer technology operation, the gradual intelligent development has become a major reform trend in the contemporary. At the same time, the domestic decoration industry is also undergoing earth-shaking changes. From the previous manual stone cutting and processing technology to the current mechanical processing, both in terms of manpower and production, it will be one of the domestic decoration industries. Great progress, and we should continue to work hard to find more automated production methods while developing, in order to more powerfully occupy the favorable terrain in international competition in the future. We also firmly believe that the intelligent processing mode of the stone industry in the future is imperative. Nowadays, the competition in the entire stone market is quite powerful, and the traditional manual operation technology can no longer satisfy the whole market. Demand, so intelligent processing technology is imperative. Take the stone industry, mechanical production can solve the major problems of the previous production efficiency, high stone polishing costs, and the use of machinery to produce, production efficiency can increase the rate of high float, while improving efficiency Reduced production costs, why not do it! At present, the intelligentization of the stone processing industry has not been realized globally, so in the future, we still need continuous efforts, not only for our production. Business, but also to give our customer group a different decoration experience.

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