Company culture
Company philosophy
Quality casts the future

The sea is vast and its vastness is made by its vastness.

The mountain is dominated by its heavy and vicissitudes.

The profoundness of today begins with the accumulation of the past.

Today's weightlifting is light, stemming from the insistence of not changing the original intention yesterday.

Everything we change is only to create a better service.

All our efforts are only to make the action more convincing.

Developing view

Human development is at the center of our career development

Strategic view

Take the road of famous brands and build a hundred years of Henglong stone

Business view

Market-oriented, creating brand with quality and promoting development with innovation

Brand view

Establish internationalized Henglong stone, create a trustworthy brand

Innovation concept

Everyone has the ability to innovate, and everything has room for innovation.

Talent concept

Both ability and political integrity, people do their best

Quality concept

Products represent character, quality wins respect

Responsibility view

Carrying heavy burdens, dare to take responsibility

Henglong Stone Mission: Create, make the world a new one

Creation is driven by theoretical innovation and creates new things in practice to transform the world.

Core Values: Efficiency First, Technology Leadership

Efficiency and technology are the two fundamental elements of Henglong's stone development and two core support points for creating value. “Efficiency is paramount, technology is leading” is the concentrated expression of Henglong Stone's responsibility to customers, responsible to employees and responsible to the society. It is to make customers have the lowest delivery cost, lowest cost of use and highest return on investment, so that employees must have high production efficiency and pay. The welfare is good. At the same time, the utilization of various resources is high and the comprehensive social benefits are high.

Henglong Stone Spirit: Diligence, Dedication, Loyalty, Dedication

The entrepreneurial spirit of Hang Lung Stone is rooted in the land of Yimeng. It is a manifestation of the simple and great Yimeng spirit. It will be open, inclusive and eclectic in the process of internationalization and diversification, and will continue to carry forward, re-sublimate and re-create. .

Henglong Stone Style: Diligent, Pragmatic and Efficient

Practical and efficient is the fine tradition and style of Henglong stone people. Do not go through the game, or do not do it, do it well, do work without doing a shelf, and not engage in formalism.

Henglong Stone Mind: Passion and Gratitude

Gratefulness is the basis of passion. Passion and gratitude, embodied in the spirit of "Loyalty, Dedication, Diligence, Dedication", is reflected in the happy work and passion work, and also in the harmonious working relationship, interpersonal relationship and family relationship.

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