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Automatic Polishing Machine Of L .arge SIab For Quartz,Granite or Marble

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Combined with the domestic market demand, the machine adopts domestic advanced design scheme and automatic control system, and the whole machine has stable performance, high output and low failure rate.

The machine uses standard grade castings, steel, Germany, Japan, Taiwan famous brand electrical appliances and brand-name bearings. The control system of the machine adopts PLC control, and the liquid crystal display touch screen terminal is used for parameter setting of the human-machine interface. The fault indication and the abrasive consumption alarm system are provided during the operation of the equipment. The machine is suitable for continuous grinding and polishing of granite and marble slabs. The working speed of the plate conveyor belt and the grinding wheel traverse beam is the speed regulation of the frequency converter; the working pressure of the grinding disc and the grinding width of the plate are adjustable within the set value range. This machine can automatically recognize the shape of the plate. Each grinding disc (grinding head) can automatically lift and lower according to the shape of the identification plate, and track and record the grinding of the plate. The model is equipped with a six-jawed pendulum grinding head and a marble grinding disc. The whole machine is produced according to standardization and its performance has reached the domestic leading level.

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