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Build a one-stop procurement platform for stone machinery and accessories

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  It is reported that China Stone Machinery and Accessories Trading Center is a one-stop stone machinery and accessories procurement platform built by Nan'an Stone Industry Association. It covers an area of 50,000 square meters and plans more than 400 booths. It is expected to accommodate more than 100 enterprises. Wang Qingan, president of Nan'an Stone Industry Association, said that at present, Nan'an has become the largest and most complete stone production and export base in China and even Southeast Asia. It is the international stone capital that radiates globally, and the demand for stone machinery and accessories is increasing. How to integrate the mechanical resources of the whole country and even the world, gather the water head, and form a close cooperative relationship with the local stone industry, which has increasingly become the focus of the stone industry. This time, under the leadership of the Nanan Stone Industry Association, the strength of member companies was integrated to form a professional trading company operating transaction center project.

  Xie Cheng, general manager of the Stone Machinery Division of Guangdong Keda Jieneng (600499, shares) Co., Ltd., told the reporter that in the most important gathering area of China's stone industry, to build a high-level stone machinery and accessories one station The procurement platform is managed by a professional team that successfully operates the first market of Minnan Building Materials, which will undoubtedly greatly facilitate the global stone machinery suppliers to enter the Nan'an market, and also help to create a benign competitive market atmosphere.

  “Industrial platform, the cultivation and promotion of regional industries has become a valuable experience summary for the sustainable development of Shuitou Stone Industry.” As the investment shareholder of the project, Wang Shangyun, Chairman of Dongsheng Co., Ltd. introduced that Shuitou’s construction of Minnan Building Materials First Market was Opportunity, the dance market develops the industry, grasps the pillars of stone, and develops a border town that is not rich in stone into the largest stone distribution center in the country, and has a complete supply chain in the stone industry, becoming a world-class stone center; Stone products, production technology and equipment important display platform, marketing platform, information platform and economic and trade platform, the annual water head "Stone Fair" is like a window, showing the uniqueness of Nanan Stone to people all over the world. Charm has become a very influential economic and trade cooperation fair at home and abroad, and has built a broad cooperation platform for the development of the national and even the world's stone industry. According to its disclosure, the trading center aims to build a one-stop multi-functional experience procurement and sales platform and build an upgraded version of the stone industry integrated commercial body, making full use of the existing advantages of trade and people, and striving to integrate stone machinery resources and construction. It is the world's first professional market for stone mining and processing machinery and accessories.

  Xiaobian learned that in the previous plan of “Building Stone 100 Million Industrial Clusters” issued by Nan’an City, it is clear that it is necessary to strengthen the output value of the three main fields of stone main stone, stone supporting and stone service, and strive to be the main field of stone in 2020. The output value is more than 120 billion yuan, thus realizing the transformation and upgrading of Nanfang's "China Stone City" with a production value of 45 billion yuan of stone clusters to the "International Stone Capital" with an output value exceeding 100 billion yuan. Huang Jingyang, deputy mayor of Nan'an City, said that the construction of China Stone Machinery and Accessories Trading Center is a major measure for Nanan Stone Industry Association to actively respond to the government's call to build a 100 billion industrial cluster of stone; for further integration of Nanan stone machinery resources, It is of great significance to improve the supporting of Nan'an stone industry and to increase the output value of the stone industry.

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