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The benefits of stone foreign trade are further improved

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  The benefits of China's stone foreign trade have been further improved. According to the “In-depth Research Report on China's Wood-based Panel Industry 2011-2016” released by Shangpu Consulting, the total amount and quantity of China's stone imports and exports in 2011 were higher than that in 2010, with imports and exports of US$6.395 billion and 33.86 million tons respectively. Compared with 2010, it increased by 27% and 15.5% respectively. The substantial growth shows that China's stone trade has gone out of the lowest valley and entered the fast lane of development.

  At the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan, China's stone imports will reach 4.5 billion US dollars, and exports will reach 7.5 billion US dollars, initially completing the transition from a stone country to a stone power. If we look at the total of China's stone trade in 2009, the annual import and export still reached 5.065 billion US dollars, 29.34 million tons; respectively, compared with the previous year's total imports and exports (2008: 5.48 billion US dollars, 36.52 million tons) decreased by 7.7%, 19.66 %. It is not difficult to see that the reduction in quantity is much higher than the value--the benefit of China's stone foreign trade is further improved.

  As one of the world's largest producers and sellers of stone, China's domestic stone market has attracted a lot of attention. At present, China's stone industry has also moved toward a modern development path, and the development mode has begun to change. In the first year of the 12th Five-Year Plan, in the face of urbanization and the recovery of the international market, China's stone industry continues to innovate in products, technology and management, accelerate the upgrading of enterprises and the adjustment of industry layout, and continuously improve international competitiveness.

  Nowadays, the stone industry is developing rapidly, and the number of stone products is increasing. The demand for stone materials is also increasing. Therefore, the stone industry should pay attention to the following three points in order to meet the needs of consumers and face competition at home and abroad: The stone industry should adjust the industrial structure and marketing model. All enterprises should also maintain healthy competition and take the road of industrial integration to build high-end enterprises. Second, the stone industry should increase the development of the domestic market, develop the western region, consolidate the central and eastern regions, and truly expand. Domestic demand and growth; Third, use favorable policies to implement international market diversification strategies, maintain existing markets, and develop new markets.

  At present, there are more than 40,000 stone enterprises in the country, and the stone processing capacity has exceeded 200 million m2/year. According to incomplete statistics, the income from the main business of stone enterprises above designated size increased from RMB 16.8 billion in 2000 to about RMB 150 billion in 2008. In the stone industry, the production capacity and sales revenue of stone enterprises below the scale and the enterprises above the scale are almost 1:1. It is estimated that the total sales of the domestic stone industry is more than 300 billion yuan.

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